Nutritional Therapy

and You

Are you looking to uncover and address the root causes to chronic conditions that have plagued you for years?


If you're ready to dig in and take a foundational approach to create new, sustainable habits and lifestyle changes,  you've come to the right place!

You are unique.. an individual, not like anyone else!  This truth is foundational to successful Nutritional Therapy.  

What you can expect:


 Personalized Dietary Recommendations

 Functional Evaluation

 Meal Plan Recommendations

 Realistic Lifestyle Recommendations

 Ongoing Support

About Traci

As a former high-stress corporate trainer and sales leader turned NTP, I serve individuals I like to call the “old” me- stressed out, adrenally depleted, cortisol spiked, amped up, high achieving professionals who desire balance, health, and wellness, but just can’t seem to “find time” to prioritize things like eating right, exercise, and sleep.  Who has time for all that?  This used to be a regular question of mine… and off I’d go, forging ahead, ignoring the signals my body was trying to send me.  I used to say, "I can sleep when I'm dead!"  Thinking this was an actual strategy, I drove myself into a literal gut storm... wondering why I no longer had the energy I once did, why I was crabby and stressed, why joy felt elusive, and desperately wanting to find HEALTH!  VITALITY! ENERGY!  Oh, and maybe a normal bathroom routine!  HA!  But for real.... I hung on, kept at it, kept pushing.... 

Until I couldn’t anymore.  And this is when I turned a lifelong passion for nutrition into a satisfying career in Nutritional Therapy. I thrive on helping others to improve their lives and state of wellbeing using food, lifestyle, and mindset as medicine! 

Taking a holistic approach, we will work together, addressing the mind, body, and lifestyle as one, while we look for the root cause of symptoms to create a personalized nutrition plan, movement and lifestyle recommendations, and, if needed, a supplement protocol to help you achieve and realize your goals.

When I am not busy helping clients or teaching class- My first and most important role, is Mama to 6 beautiful children- who are now mostly adults and wife to one heck of a guy.   I love being outside, good wine, even better food, and spending time with my family and friends.